Recent Publications

In Signal Processing Letters, 2015.


National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, 2016.


Statistics of Optical Flow

Study of Optical Flow statistics for blind video quality assessment

Image Warping using Local Homography

Implementation of locally varying homography warp for image stitching applications.

Image Blending in Gradient Domain

Implementation of Poisson blending and it’s modified version for fusing multiple images.

Automatic Image Colorization

Colorization model for coloring grayscale images based on patch features.


Tutor - I conducted weekly tutorial classes for the following topics:

  • Python Scripting - an introdutory course for python conducted under Peer Mentoring Programme organized by ECE Department, NITK during 2015-2016.
  • Engineering Mathematics - II (MA111) for the students of first year B. Tech programme at NITK during Jan - May 2015.


  • Education and Engineering Research, 2501 Speedway, Austin, Texas, USA 78712