Image Quality Assessment using Contrastive Learning

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FAVER: Blind Quality Prediction of Variable Frame Rate Videos

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Image Quality Assessment Using Synthetic Images

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Revisiting Dead Leaves Model: Training with Synthetic Data


ST-GREED: Space-Time Generalized Entropic Differences for Frame Rate Dependent Video Quality Prediction

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Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment of High Frame Rate Videos

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High Frame Rate Video Quality Assessment using VMAF and Entropic Differences


Capturing Video Frame Rate Variations via Entropic Differencing


Multiple Spectral Peak Tracking for heart rate monitoring from Photoplethysmography (PPG) signal



Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 2018.

National Institute of Technology, Karnataka, 2016.


Samsung Research America, Plano, TX $\hspace{50pt}$ Summer ‘21

Research Intern, Mobile Processor Innovation (MPI) Lab
Mentors : Dr. Hamid Sheikh, Dr. Seok-Jun Lee

Synthetic Data for Computer Vision Applications

  • Worked on deep learning based models trained on synthetic data for image enhancement and computer vision applications

Google, Mountain View, CA $\hspace{88pt}$ Summer ‘19

Research Intern, Media Algorithms Team, YouTube
Mentor : Dr. Mohammad Izadi

Real time video denoising of YouTube Videos

  • Worked on real-time video denoising algorithm for user uploaded videos in YouTube. The proposed method had superior speed than existing denoiser and was employed in YouTube TV and LIVE.


Optimization with Optimistic Descent Algorithms

Optimistic descent methods for convex and saddle point objective functions

Natural Scene Statistics in Adversarial Learning

Training Generative Adversarial Networks with perceptually optimized loss functions

DNA Sequencing using deep Recurrent Neural Networks

Review of basecalling methods for third generation sequencing devices

Statistics of Optical Flow

Study of Optical Flow statistics for blind video quality assessment

Automatic Image Colorization

Colorization model for coloring grayscale images based on patch features.


Tutor - I conducted weekly tutorial classes for the following topics:

  • Python Scripting - an introductory course for python conducted under Peer Mentoring Programme organized by ECE Department, NITK during 2015-2016.
  • Engineering Mathematics - II (MA111) for the students of first year B. Tech programme at NITK during Jan - May 2015.


  • Education and Engineering Research, 2501 Speedway, Austin, Texas, USA 78712